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1.  7167 - Job sheet - Option to view the entire details of the request in a single template called Job sheet which can be printed and used by the field technician on a customer visit. The Job sheet template is fully customizable and the customization is specific to a particular business unit. You can print the Job sheet from the Request Details page --> Actions drop down --> Print Job sheet.

2. 7293 - Timesheets - Option to mark billable, non-billable, and billed time entries. You can now export all the billable time entries to QuickBooks for creating invoices to the customer.

3. 7323 - Option to move bulk requests across business units from Request list view page.

4. 7324 - Ability to synchronize tasks and events between Microsoft Outlook and the SupportCenter Plus.

Issues Fixed:

1. 7048 - Customers should not be notified with the request update notification, if the note(s) added to the request are set to private.

7115 - Line feeds are not maintained in the Time Entry list view under Request Details page --> Time Entry tab.

7118 - The note description is not displayed properly in the Request View page.

7120 - Notification rules are not getting saved in Russian language.

5. 7130 - The contract is displayed under the contract expiry filter even after the renewal.

7152 - Contract is not getting applied to the request, if end date is not mentioned for the contract.

7181 - Whenever a request is created through any mode, the Support rep default values of the request template will get applied to the request.  

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