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Issue Description
Issue Note
SC-3218 In the Survey module, if a defined question contains Polish characters, the question is not editable.
Incorrect redirection to the request edit page when the Time Entry is defined as mandatory in the Request Closing Rules.
Description :
  • In the Request Closing Rules, select "Time Entry" as Mandatory.
  • Create a Request.
  • Try closing the request without entering the Time Entry
  • It will redirect to the Request Edit Page.
Now, the page is redirected to the "Time Entry" tab in the Request View Page.
SC-3786 Unable to edit a Group (Admin tab -> Groups) if the "Description" field of the Group contains a line break
If a new email is sent to SupportCenter server with the ##Request ID## tag in the subject line, it does not automatically thread with the given Request ID.  It creates a new request.Fixed.

Customer Portal login:
My Details --> Add Request
Customers are able to change their Account & email address
Automatically CC the outgoing mail address option is not working
When an image containing a special characters like (ö,ä,ü) is added as an inline image, the image is not displayed.
In the Add New Request form, wrong contact selected when multiple contacts with the same name exist.
Description :
  • Create two users with the same name but different email address, account etc.
  • Add New Request
  • Select the second user and create the request
  • When the request is created, the first user is associated.
In certain rare scenarios like when the supportcenter server not able to reach the mail server, the mail fetching stops.
Option to detect such scenarios and reconnect after some time.
In the "Go To - Request ID" search, the text “Request ID” does not clear off when clicked in the text box.
In trying to define a date criteria in the Reports module, a wrong default date is selected by default. Fixed


SC-4353Resolved Status only allowed a max of 9 days.  It's now increased to 90 days
SC-4389Option to add the contact's "Job title" when adding a new contact from the Account View page
SC-4594Thread Dump for Performance Analysis.
Description :
Thread Dump is an effective way to debug performance related issues.  This tool extracts the information about all current threads that are running or waiting execution and their state into a file.

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