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1. 6593 - Request View page --> Account Info --> Account Details block displays the Global and Business Unit account additional fields.

2. 6785 - Option to add colors to priority to prioritize the requests.

3. 6911 - Option to organize module tabs.

4. 6968 - Notification has been provided for the support reps when user reopens the request from the portal/mail.

5. 6996 - The contract enhancement helps you to create contracts for an account incorporating multiple products within the same time period. Establishment of Rate Types feature allows you to create contract with different cost for different hours. Hours spent on request can be tracked and can be billed to the customers. Also renew your contract, get notifications on contract expiry, and view contract based on pre-filters.

6. 7062 - Group-level mail configuration is available within the Business Unit. Configuring email addresses to the groups will automatically route mails to respective groups. While replying the request assigned to the group, the From Address will be the Reply to Address of that group.

7. 7101 - Option to view all the time entries attached to the customer requests under the Timesheets tab.

Issues Fixed:

1. 3773 - The exact mail count to be fetched in the application is now available in the notification mail.

2. 4332 - For Support rep having access only to contract module, the Add New Account link should not be available.

3. 4409 - The New Request page freezes for a while to avoid multiple submission of request.

4. 6092 - Earlier the application allows only the integers (eg, 1hr or 2hrs) of contract hours now it also allows fractions (eg, 1.50 hrs or 1.25 hrs) of contract hours.
              Changing of hours or incidents purchased in the contract does not properly update the remaining hours or incidents in the application.

5. 6405 - Additional time zones have been included.

6. 6563 - New folder created for saving new reports is not displayed in the folder drop down list while saving the report.

7. 6603 - The application should not allow to add the business rule, when the selected action set 'sub category' does not match with the 'category' selected.

8. 6640 - In trying to edit the request created with other than default templates, the field values of the default template are selected.

9. 6644 - Link to unassigned requests is now available in Pending Requests by Support rep and Pending Requests by Accounts widgets.

10. 6652 - Exception while submitting a ticket through portal.

11. 6659 - Exception while browsing solutions through portal.

12. 6695 - The Door No. field in New Account page now allows up to 50 characters.

13. 6736 - 'Stop Timer' option in Request Details page is now available irrespective of the operational hours.

14. 6739 - Unable to view the Outgoing and Spam Filter tabs under Mail Server Settings for Polish and Russian languages.

15. 6751 - The lengthy solution subject is wrapped and a part of the sentence is shown in the Solutions list view page. Hovering on the mouse on the wrapped text display the tool tip.

16. 6758 - While changing the status of the request from 'On Hold' to 'Closed' status, the time elapsed when the request is on hold is calculated along with the worked hours.    

17. 6778 - The notification mail sent to the CC recipient does not include all the conversations made by the support rep while replying the request.

18. 6815 - Pending Requests by Support Rep and Pending Requests by Accounts widgets is added with 'Open' column that lists the requests with open status alone.

19. 6839 - Requests created via email, API, Portal is not getting applied to default values of the default request template.

20. 6856 - Provision to add products with same names across business units.

21. 6919 - Application hangs when the request is reopened from on hold status during holidays.

22. 6952 - The Request View page displays the contract expiry notification up to 30 days from the contract expiry date.

23. 7058 - While changing the recurring pattern for the existing tasks, the comments added to the task is getting deleted.

24. 7121 - Navigation buttons is available at the bottom of list view pages in all the modules. You can view the navigation buttons if the list count is more than 15.

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