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  1.  4680 - Option to Move Requests,Solutions and  Copy accounts and contacts across Business Units.

  2.  5319 - Link to view account information is provided from contract detail page.

  3.  6061 - While viewing a solution, the title bar of the web browser displays the title of the solution.

  4.  6236 - Support Reps can mark the first response of a request from Request detail page -> Actions drop down list.

  5.  6275 - Customer Portal per Business Unit.
                  Option to fully customize the customer portal color and layout.

  6.  6304 - Option to mark accounts as "Inactive". The accounts thus marked as "Inactive" will not appear in the current request forms.              

  7.  6408 - Ability to customize and display a custom widget  in contact login.

  8.  6448 - Link to update request –account association in contact details page.

  9.  6455 - Option to reorder views.  

10.  6557 - Korean language has been included.

Issues Fixed:

  1. 5029 - While performing a backup schedule, the backup commences at the hour when the previous backup was completed.

5068 - Unable to save additional fields with ' $ ' as value.

5949 - Renewing a contract during the active period makes the requests associated to the contract unviewable.

  4. 5993 -
Ability to edit the contact and account information even after adding the time entry.

6012 - Unable to generate a report with request additional fields, if the additional fields have the keyword ‘Order'.

6076 - While forwarding a request via mail, the date on which the request was created does not get displayed. Also, To CC variables are included in notification templates.

6156 - While adding a product from account view, products are not segregated based on product type.

6167 -  While updating  tasks, the comments entered for the tasks do not appear.

6175 - While creating a request using a request template, the resolution added to the template does not appear, when saved, unless the 'Resolution Details' block is branched down.

10. 6191 -
While performing a backup, the indexing will be stopped temporarily to avoid schedule backup failures.

6194 - Create a request template with group and support rep fields populated with values. While creating a request using this template, the value entered for the support rep does
     not get populated.

12. 6196 - With browser default language as Russian, when a contact replies to a request,  the body of the message does not get displayed.

6231 - Unable to view sub accounts in account view if more than 100 sub accounts are added to the account. This has been rectified and now you can view unlimited sub accounts in
       the  account view.

6235 - The link in the survey email that is generated when invoking the option Requests -> Actions -> ' Send survey for this request ' is not sending the content properly.

6274 - The schedule CSV import does not update the contact description for an existing contact.

16. 6303 -
Issue with unclear characters in Dashboards tab has been fixed.

6309 - Custom Status with type as ' In Progress ' does not get populated in dashboard widget ' Pending requests by Support Reps '.

18. 6330 -
Unable to view requests raised by a sub account from the sub account details page.

19. 6355 -
If multiple email ID’s are entered in the To field of Submit for Approval form, and if the second or third approver tries to approve the request using the link from mail, an exception occurs, and the request cannot be approved by any of the approvers.

6403 - System prompts a message when blank space is entered before or after the request Id in Go to text box in request list view.

6413 - Unable to save the ' Password Reset Request Notification ' template - Fixed.

22. 6434 -
Select two tickets to merge. Click Merge button and click Cancel in the dialog window. Assign a technician without reloading the page. The tickets are merged and assigned to the technician.

23. 6569 - Searching for solutions from request detail page lists solutions with multiple blank subject names.

24. 6579 - While inserting a solution from Reply window in support rep login, the attachments in the solution do not get displayed.

Internationalization ( Multi Language )

6192 - Unable to delete support rep in russian language - Fixed.

2. 6333 -  Unable to save notification templates in russian language - Fixed.

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