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Features Included

Feature Id
Feature Description
Summary :

   Option to define the behavior when a customer re-opens a request

Description :
                 Define rules when a contact tries to re-open a Closed request .  The options include :

  • Always allow Closed requests to be re-opened
  • Allow requests to be re-opened only within x days
    • (If the no. of days exceed the defined number of days, a new request is created)
  • Always create a new request

Note : When Closed requests are re-opened the "Due date" is calculated taking into consideration the requests remain in the Closed state
SCF-4275Summary :
Support for Avaya PBX

Description :
  • A call-pop screen with  the customer information summary  when a call from the customer lands on the support rep's desk.
  • An option to make call through the web interface.
SCF-4748Request Templates

Requests are created to capture information related to a problem.  But, if the problem is of pre-defined nature, the required information can be organized and captured better.  In order to address this scenario, the concept of Request Templates comes useful .  This helps you define which fields should appear
in the request form for each kind of user (a Support Rep, Contact ), the order of the fields , if the field is mandatory  etc.
SCF-4753Interested Party Notifications (Automatic Cc options)
  • Option for contacts to add interested members when raising a request through the portal.
  • Option to configure notifications at various stages of the request life cycle
SCF-4938An enhanced  html editor incorporated
SCF-4953Summary :
Automatically changing the OnHold Status to Open Status

Description :
When a contact provides an update for a request which is in OnHold status (or a custom status that has the timer off), either through the portal or as a email reply, automatically changes the request to the Open status.  This automatic behaviour can be enabled/disabled through a admin setting.
SCF-4603Admin --> Notification Rules --> Contact Notifications --> Send Self-service login details --
Account and Contact additional fields to be included in the content variables.
SCF-5055Notification template option to configure the content of emails sent out during "Password Reset" and Auto-association of contact to account (admin --> Notification rules)
SCF-5183Fields - "Time spent for First Response", "Resolved By", "Completed By", "Resolved Date"  added in reports.
SCF-4747Option to access the customer portal using a simple URL : http://<server_name>/portal
SCF-4752Dashboard Enhancements
  • More than 50 pre-defined graphs, charts and reports providing important statistics.
  • Ability to create custom dashboards with selected widgets
  • Ability to define the layout of the dashboard.
SCF-4860Better layout of the header  and  links for quick accessibility.
  •  Create & manage jobs to be done using "Tasks"
  •  Create & manage "Event(s)",  add participants and set reminder for the event.
  •  Option to associate these Tasks & Events to Request, Contracts, Accounts, Contacts.
Danish language has been included.

Issues Fixed

Issue Id
Issue Description

SC-4737When a support rep is editing a note  which was added by other support rep, application is
overwriting the content  instead of appending it.
SC-5043The request which is split as new request is showing over due flags.
1. Create a New Request with SLA applied.
2. Send a reply from Contact
3. From request view, split the contact conversation as a new request
4. Newly created request is showing overdue flags.
SC-5050Contact login - Contacts are able to view the Request cost information though it was disabled  in settings.

Description: 1. Save the following settings.  Admin --> Settings --> Contact Settings --> Request cost information -->
                        Don't show this to any contact.
                    2. Now login as Contact.  ' Request preview ' link displays the request cost information.
SC-5087Unable to view the solution if the user is navigating from Resolution tab under request view.


1. Click on resolution tab under request view.
2. Search the Solutions  through ' Search Solutions '  link
3. Clicking on solution title, user is not able to view the solution.
SC-5507Contacts are able to view the requests fields though they are disable from  Admin --> ' Request form customizer '


1. Admin --> Request form customizer --> Disable ' Subcategory ' etc.
2. After login as contact, he is able to view the subcategory from column chooser.


SC-5038Unable to add an existing contact in different business units from accounts detail page.

1. Add an Account and associate a Contact in business unit Eg: BU1
2. Try adding the same Account in another business unit Eg: BU2
3. View BU2  -- Account details - Application is suggesting the Account properly which was added in BU1, but not the Contact same way.
4. But, while adding a new Contact from Contacts tab it is suggesting the Contact added in another Business Unit.


SC-4939Unable to search Registered & Unapproved contact.


1. When contact is in Registered/unapproved state, application is not showing the contact while searching.


SC-4690Exception on clicking survey result, if the BU does not have questions and satisfaction levels.
SC-4741While editing the support rep details,  application is not updating  additional fields.
SC-4756Unable to import support reps  from active directory  if AD is running in windows 2008 R2.
SC-5120Unable to add  supportrep in another BU if the support rep does not have login.

SC-4722Application is not sending the scheduled  report properly if it  is edited before the schedule.
SC-4931If two or more reports are scheduled at the same time, the data being  sent is same in all reports.
SC-4949Query reports --> When query report is generated with description field, application is showing extraneous group of characters.
Eg: &nsp etc.
SC-5563Exporting report as pdf format, polish letters are disappear in subject/description fields.

Internationalization(Multi Language)
SC-4896Admin --> Global Settings --> Default Configuration -->  Category, Status, Level etc help cards are not internationalized
SC-4900Request view --> Send invite link --> Popup action button text Save and Cancel are not internationalized.
SC-4906Admin --> Contract Settings --> Support plan --> Add new services --> Popup button text Save and Cancel are not internationalized
SC-5045Request list view --> Tweet Updates --> User added  ' Keywords ' showing as garbled text in other languages.
SC-5046Admin --> Settings --> User addition & import settings -->" Send an email notification to the following Support Reps when a contact is automatically associated to an account " - Notification content is not internationalized.
SC-5047Login page -- > Forgot password -->  Clicking  on the link,  Send Request to reset the password - Notification email content is not
SC-5063New reports -- Step 4 -- ' No Numeric column(s) to summarize ' - Text is not internationalized.
SC-5072Account view -->  Associate Product --> Warranty Period --> Years, Months text is not internationalized.
SC-5075Home - ' Business Unit ' - Text is not internationalized.

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