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Last Updated on: May 18 2010

Issues fixed


Issue ID
 Issue Description
Request Module

SC-57When  a draft is saved with an attachment, the attachment is not saved.
1. Save a draft with attachments.
2. Open the draft, saved attachments will not be present.
Quality Release(7603)
Once you add a time entry and the same is deducted in its contract.  Now if we delete the request, the hours or incidents are not added back to the contract.
Quality Release
Edit note - inconsistency prevailing while showing the header of note
Quality Release
SC-120Once you delete an Item from Admin--> category section, still it lists in the Request form.
Add a request with Item. Then delete the Item from the Admin - Category. On adding new requests the deleted item  still appears.
Quality Release
SC-395Product list settings in Admin is set to Account Based, and in Accounts say Acc1 is associated with 3 products . Now while creating new request if a new contact is entered and the Account Acc1 is selected the Product list is not filtering/showing those 3 products.Quality Release
SC-1021Once a conversation is split from a request,  the new request has the red icon in the Request.

SC-2249Unable to update task information from the link provided in the Support Rep notification
Enable the notification 
'Send Email when task is assigned to support rep'. Assign a task to a Support Rep.
When the Support Rep tries to update the task via the link in the notification mail,  application displays an error.
Quality Release
SC-2264Option to search merged requests by Request ID.
Merge two requests.
When searching for requests using the merged Request ID, the parent Request ID is shown.
Quality Release
SC-2911When you click on Contact Info icon in the Request form, it shows the request view of the logged in Support Rep.  It should show the list of requests raised by the contact.
1. Add a new request. On clicking the Contact Info icon the list of requests raised be the contact is displayed.
2. Edit the request. The Contact Info shows the requests raised based on the logged-in user, instead of the contact.
Quality Release
SC-3033Once we set contact cannot view the field Support Rep (in request form customizer), it still shows the field support rep  in  Request list view for Contact login .
SC-3069Requests list view : Lists all the requests irrespective of the respond overdue status
1. Request custom views based on the criteria ' response overdue status ' is not
working properly.
Quality Release
SC-3081Request list view page loading time will be reducedQuality Release
SC-3168If we attach a file more than the configured limit, the application wrongly adds the attachment with 0 MB. (Will pop a error message and  the system will not attach that file)Quality Release
SC-3185'Email already exists' error message pops up , once you update the request if the contact is Unapproved or Unregistered.
Quality Release
SC-3293In the Contact login, request list  view icon legend displays the icons that are not related to contact.
Quality Release
SC-3317When two contacts with the same name exist in the system, and when the second contact is selected in the request edit form,
1. Request view - using top edit  changes the account name if two contacts are present
 with the same name
Quality Release
SC-4029In the Request Reply editor, when a file is  attached and then the "Attach File(s)" is invoked again, the files already attached are deleted.
In Request Reply window -->attach a file-->Click done.
Again attach a new file , this will remove  the earlier files.
Quality Release
SC-4032"Email the Support Rep" option under  Request view  -- > Actions, copies the customer email in the Editor window
Open a Request, click on Request  Actions--> Choose 'Email the Support Rep', it copies the Customer Email too in the reply window.
Quality Release
SC-4061Completed Time not set, when the request status is moved to any custom status
1.Create new custom Status with completed time.
2. Now change the status from open to that status, completed time is not marked.
Quality Release
Exception occured while sorting based on ' description ' field under task list view
in mssql.
Quality Release
SC-4197Attachments are not opening properly in the browser  chrome
Quality Release
SC- 4338
Issue while editing the notes
Quality Release
Unable to detach the files while forwarding the request
Quality Release
System is not sending the  request ' Resolved ' notification to the contact,
if the requester id and logged in support rep id is same.
Quality Release
Technicians are unable to access the request from list view, if the ' status ' of
the request is in the state '  Not for further usage '.
1. Create a request with some status called ' open '
2. Now delete the status from admin, system will not allow to delete the 'status'
  because it is in use.
3. Now if technician try to access the request, system will not allow to access the
Quality Release
System is sending the request closed notification to the contacts if technician try to close the
request from request view --> resolution tab --> Save and Close, though the request was
not closed due to request closing rules.
1. Enable some closing rules.
2. Try to Close the request without filling the closing rules from
request view --> resolution tab --> Save and Close, system will prompt for request closing rules and it will not close the request.  But system is sending the request closed notification
to the contact.
Quality Release
Solutions Module

SC-3917Access to private solutions for contacts from the recent items link restricted.


1. In contact login, view the solution. solution will appear in recent items.
2. Make the solution as private.
3. Now contact  can view the private solution from recent items.
    ( But the solution will  not appear in the solution list view )
Quality Release
Custom views:  Solution -  ' Topic '  field is given as as " Text Box " value instead of Pick List.
Under solution Custom Views--> Choose 'Topic'  as  criteria  --> Gives you a text box.Will be
replaced by Pick list.
Quality Release
Contacts Module

SC-3009'Login Name' column  appears  in  Contact list view for Standard EditionQuality Release
Unable to remove  the Job Title field completely while editing the contactQuality Release
Accounts Module
SC-413When the "New Contract" option is selected from Account view screen , Account name is not getting filled in the new contract form by default. Quality Release
SC-917 Need option to view products details in accounts view page,  and having issue when editing the products under accounts i.e no if units getting blank.Quality Release
SC-3593Since the customer portal option is not available in the Standard Edition, the username and password fields in the CSV import wizard will be removed in the Standard Edition. Quality Release
Contracts Module
SC-21Contracts view -- ' Notify to '  email ids  are not wrapped properly
1. Create a contract and select more numbers of users to notify who are having emailid.
2. System is not wrapping the emalid's properly in contract view page.
The mail ids displayed in the Notify to column is not aligned
Quality Release
SC-518 Add New Service  button is not available while  editing  a contractQuality Release
SC-3490 Exception occurs when value is not given in Contract Expiry notification for hours/incident
base contracts.
1. Create a hour base contract without specifying any value in ' notify before ' hours/incidents
   left field and save.  System is displaying exception without proper message.
Quality Release
SC-3772Contract Expiry Notification users lists is getting duplicated on selecting the account name
while creating a contract.

Quality Release
SC-4008Wrong messages related to Contract Expiry shown in the Request View Page
For the expired contract and the contracts about to expire application shows the message in the advisory. This message is  still displayed in the request view after renewal of the contract.
Quality Release
SC-4108Contract is not getting applied for the renewed contract if it is having product
1. Renew a contract which is having product.
2. Now create a request with product, contract is not getting applied for the request. 
Quality Release
While creating a new contract, Enable notification section is not displaying the names
of support rep properly.
Quality Release
System is not showing the contract expiry message while creating a request if the
contract got expired for that account
Quality Release
Admin Module
SC-137 Admin -----> Customer  Portal Settings  -----> Add Links, the Name field is mandatory field, but in the UI there is no indication that this is a mandatory field Quality Release
There is no validation message for product numeric additional fields , if the support rep
enters alphabets in numeric fields while adding the product.
Quality Release
SC-497 System is not sending request update notification to the contact when notes is
added  to the request.
Quality Release
SC-2067Using the  ' Send Survey option ' from request view, system is not adding conversation.
1. Send survey to contact from request view --> Actions -->  Send Survey option>
2. System will send survey mail to contact but conversation is not getting added in request.
Quality Release
SC-2420Usability Issue: Increase the Additional field text size under Admin -->Request Additional fieldsQuality Release
SC-2468CTI: If the contact name is long, system is not showing the popup for support rep when contact calls.Quality Release
Sub Category lists only first 100 entries.Will change it to list all the Sub Categories.

Quality Release
SC-4124In  Notification Rules ' Email a support rep  when a task is assigned to him '  the variable  'Link'  is not showing as link.Quality Release
SC-4130Global support rep additional fields are not displayed  while adding a support rep from  ' global settings '  tab. Quality Release
System is sending the request closed notification 2 times, if the  support rep try to close
the request from  Request --> Resolution --> save & close ( when closing rules are present )
Quality Release
Unable to edit the request template created by other logins.
Quality Release
System is sending the escalation mail 2 times
Quality Release
Reports Module
SC-48Standard reports on Hours Spent and Hours Remaining  in a report.Quality Release
SC-868Reports- When selecting to schedule a report to be sent out on specific months, the system automatically select the "Every Month" option. Quality Release
SC- 3030After saving  a Report, there is no option to change the title of the Report.
Option will be provided to edit the title in reports.
Quality Release
Editing a report changes the order of the display columns
Quality Release
Wrong label was showing in report for the variable ' over due status '
Quality Release
When one user emailid is the login of other user , mail fetching gets stopped
Quality Release
SC-1188Contacts able to see their Account details through the customer portal login.
Quality Release
SC-3038Customer Portal UI issuesQuality Release
Twitter related issuesQuality Release
SC-3534  AdventNet_ManageEngine_SupportCenter_Plus_7_5_0_SP-1_1_0.ppm patch renamed as ManageEngine_SupportCenter_Plus_7_5_0_SP-1_1_0.ppmQuality Release
SC-3756 When customers enter a wrong login/password in the Customer Portal they are re-directed to the “Support Rep” login page.Quality Release
Issue with signature
Quality Release
Multi language - Help menu -- ' Online Help ' link is not displaying in the selected
Quality Release
copy right year change from 2009 to 2010
Quality Release
Unable to search the sub account
Quality Release
Views on the top menu bar is not visible if the user scroll to the bottom of the page
in all modules.
Quality Release

Features Included

 Feature IDFeature DescriptionHotfix
SCF- 46 Variable in the notification template called $update, that would map to the field "Reason for the update" used in the Request module

SCF-719 Font size preference for report output available in Report Settings.
SCF-1005Option to rearrange/order the additional field pick list values so that they appear in that format in the form

SCF-1964Information about unapproved or registered contacts awaiting approval displayed on the administrator Home Page -> Global View
A separate icon for forwarded requests.

SCF-3543Option for contacts to search their requests & solutions from the customer portal.
SCF-3683Ability to select the 'Product' field in the Request List view columns
SCF-3986 Ability to allow/deny request merge functionality to Support Reps when defining their role
Submitting a ticket from web portal, request details will be displayed in web portal itself.

' Time Entry ' link was added under Request view --> Actions drop down.

SCF-4075Character Encoding option in outgoing emails
Minify operation to improve performance

SCF-4028Bulk Edit option in the Accounts list view page.
Common role for all Business Units under global settings --> roles.

SCF-4165"Forgot Password" option for all users.  Automated option provided to validate the user and to allow the user to reset the password
Option to hide Account information for contact login(customer portal).

' Tag ' column was included in custom request report

Contract expiry message template will be available under ' notification rules '

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